Welcome | I'm Mora, 3D artist and creative designer, with a focus on lettering and illustration.
I'm based in Buenos Aires, Argentina but had the pleasure to work and collaborate worldwide.
I help small and big brands stand out by creating playful 3D illustrations and lettering.
My style combines cute characters, playful lettering and visually tasty environments. All these elements come together to create fun and colorful compositions. I'm an end-to-end 3D artist, involved on every step of the creative process, from initial concept and art direction to 3D modeling and final render.

Selected clients | Microsoft, The Washington Post, The Lily, Los Angeles Times, Nickelodeon, Disney Junior Latin America, Target, Scholastic Storyworks Magazine, AARP The Girlfriend & Sisters Letter, Hansol Education Korea, Arcor Argentina, Georgalos Argentina, Lucciano's Argentina amongst others.

Let's work together  | moravieytes@gmail.com
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